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Cold Steel, 15th Century, Messer, Weapons, Swords, Drinking, Medieval, Guns, Arms, Templates

Confederate X132 Hellcat

These confederate bikes look awesome, I wonder how they ride! Their website is worth a visit.

Rogue Bot, Ari Targownik on ArtStation at

rogue bot by ari targownik EXPOSE The Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe

SATURN, Jakub Rebelka on ArtStation at

Robot Envy of the Week – Jakub Rebelka! Jakub Rebelka is an illustrator, comic author and concept artist based in Gdansk, Poland.

Zornhau training - Lichtenauers longsword techniques

A little bit outdated Zornhau and associated techniques with longsword from Lichtenauers Kunst des Fechtens: Zornhau ort, Bis stercker, Nym es nyder, Oben ab.

Swordfish 2013 HEMA Tournament

Swordfish 2013 HEMA Tournament