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The Rare Instinct ™ on Instagram: "David Goggins on The Most Powerful Weapon⚡ .. Follow @therareinstinct for more! .. . #mindset #wisdom #wisdomoftheday #davidgoggins"
a man is holding his knee while walking on the dirt ground with an orange wristband
Shin splints – how to treat them and how to prevent them
a large black trash can sitting on the side of a house
Best compact ice tub
a man sitting in an ice bucket filled with water
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Gym aesthetics
This is your sign to get into an #IceBath 🧊🥶
Combining sauna & ice bath for a couple rounds is an absolute game-changer and hands down one of the best investments I’ve made in my life. I’ll also occasionally do a cold plunge upon awakening and if it’s not the outdoor plunge it’s my cold shower. 🫡 Always. Still in the process of building our at-home resort, but we’ve come a long way. 👌🏼☝️ #coldplunge #icebath #routine #sauna #coldbath #icebathchallenge #coldexposure #science #healthyhabits #coldtub #coldweather
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Не сдавайся 🖤