Jakub Dawidowicz

Jakub Dawidowicz

Jakub Dawidowicz
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"R-400S" Remote Weapon System. EOS has upgraded its R-400 [CROWS] RWS to deploy the 30mm ATK M230 LF cannon in a 0.4 tonne system. The new R-400S allows precision engagement up to 2 km from a moving vehicle to a moving target with 30 mm lethality.

The Hughes Chain Gun - 30 mm single-barrel automatic cannon as used on the Apache Gunship, mounted on an ATV.

"A great modern garden showcasing wonderful design that utilizes shape, texture, line, and layers to achieve a very pleasing composition. Note how that doesn't mean tons of flowers or color. via Garden Collection


Various ramblings and musings on gardening, agriculture, food and related subjects.

Garden path.

A serpentine bluestone path from the driveway and entering the rear yard and garden. Plantings with different heights, textures and colors create a wonderful experience and feel as you enter the property. (I like the straight pavers in a curvy path.


Love plants over flowing on to a garden path. Jacksons Fencing quality timber sleepers are great for landscaping and garden projects.

Dark purple salvia, maybe yellow coreopsis- perenial & boxwoods, lavendar- four season plants...I like the idea of purple, yellow and variety of greens for a soothing but pretty curb appeal look

The herringbone pattern brick draws the eye along the path while the soft purple and green plantings along the edges invites the guests to come farther into the scene and continue exploring.