Jakub Wojciechowski

Jakub Wojciechowski

Jakub Wojciechowski
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Les encres.

cocoa-ine: “ Tattoo by Lewis Ink (right arm, hand and shoulder), Stefan Halbwachs (left arm) & Patrick Hüttlinger (front piece) Model: Corinne Schwarz ”

Dawi by jlewenhagen on DeviantArt

Party of 8 Dwarf Border Patrol underdark Dawi by jlewenhagen on DeviantArt

Google Image Result for http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/14/149798/2297407-carp_escape.jpg   Carp are very deadly monsters of evil.....

Miner cancels drink, Interrupted by Carp

the_most_awesome_mayor_of_ustomondul_by_kruggsmash-d736mjs.png (529×1509)-----pretty awesome, huh?

the most awesome mayor of Ustomondul