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I’ve been meaning to write about the real-life authors that serve as namesakes for the Bungo Stray Dog characters for some time now and I will. I’m not quite sure how to tackle it yet. There’s a lot of material and fun little tidbits and Easter eggs I want to share. It’s a lot of...
Bungo Stray Dogs and A Night of The Galactic Express - I drink and watch anime

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an anime meme with the caption that says, f k is so pretty
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two people hugging each other while one person is holding the other in his arms and another man
ピー助 on Twitter
an anime character is sitting on the floor
bsd - реакции(первая часть)
an anime character holding a piece of cake and eating it with other characters in the background
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a man laying on top of a pile of stuff
a person sitting at a table with a cell phone in their hand and looking at the screen
Bungo Stray Dogs - 𝚁𝚊𝚗𝚙𝚘 𝙸𝚌𝚘𝚗
a man holding a pink frisbee in his hand
紅 蜜柑 [あか みかん] on Twitter
a drawing of a man wearing a hat and holding his hand up to his face
an anime character with black hair wearing a brown jacket and tie, holding a pink ribbon in front of his mouth
~BSD~Великий из бродячих псов(Реакции)
an anime character is flying through the air
an anime character standing in front of a body of water with industrial buildings behind him
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