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Amazing indoor gym - my boys would have LOVED this!

Natural Swimming Pond Designs from Gartenart - I LOVE this idea! No chlorine, the plants at the edge keep the water clear and you swim. I'm so having one of these some day!

Schwimmteich” is the German word for swimming pond or natural pool ...Really like this! #PinMyDreamBackyard

A lot of DIY home decor improvements can be done with pallets like this baby safety gate - 20 Excellent #Pallet Furniture Projects | 101 Pallets - Part 2

Finished attic with built in storage....great use of normally "unusable" space.

secret storage I hidden compartments

secret storage I hidden compartments

Lots of Clever Hidden Storage Ideas. Such as hidden stairway storage, bathroom storage case behind the mirror, hidden storage headboard and etc.

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