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Barbie Font - Barbie Font Generator

Barbie Font - Barbie Font Generator

Anchor Tattoos

Love this cute little anchor tattoo ⚓️ I definitely want something like this on the back of my neck. "I refuse to sink"

travel inspired tattoos - Google Search

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It was only last week that I was talking about getting something like this when I travel

I want this world map tattoo, but slightly bigger in the same place, with little red dots to where you've visited and a tiny black star on your hometown If I get a tattoo, I want this one!

Paper airplane tattoo.   If I get another tattoo, which I am sure I will, this is what I want. But with the airplane pointing a little more up and some shading. :)

Adventureland (Sudden Fiction) Tags: birthday trees summer white black blur tattoo plane canon hair paper eos back focus brighton shadows bo.