So you’ve just bought a Thermomix – congratulations! Welcome to a world of streamlined cooking and delicious recipes. The hard part is now deciding which recipe you’re going to make first! With that in mind, and considering how many amazing recipes there areout there, it can be hard to know where to start, so we’ve put together ten delicious recipes to help you get to know your #Thermomix #thermomixrecipes #thermielove #recipes #yummy

The Best Thermomix Recipes for Getting to Know Your New Appliance

So you’ve just bought a Thermomix - congratulations! This collection of best Thermomix recipes will help you get to know your appliance better!

Wegetariański smalec z prażoną kaszą gryczaną #thermomix

Wegetariański smalec fasolowy z prażoną kaszą gryczaną - Thermomix Przepisy

Wigilijna zupa migdalowa #thermomix

Wigilijna zupa migdalowa #thermomix

Pączki z serem białym #thermomix

Pączki z serem białym - Thermomix Przepisy

nuggetsy thermomix

Nuggetsy z chrupiącą panierką - Thermomix Przepisy

Faworki #thermomix

Faworki #thermomix

10 sposobów na czyszczenie #thermomix

10 sposobów na czyszczenie Thermomix - Thermomix Przepisy

#thermomix Zapiekanka z bakłażana

Zapiekanka z bakłażana - Thermomix Przepisy

Lany chrust #thermomix

Lany chrust #thermomix