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A thousand times yes Am I the only one who doesn't like Peter? Matt and David were so cheerful and funny and sweet, and then you have Peter, who's like "I HATE THE WORLD."<---yes but he's better than no more doctors and can be hilarious

Canada>Oregon>Sydney> California>Wisconsin>Canada>Wisconsin2>washington> Canada 2> Melbourne> Australia>Canada 3>New York> Peru> Russia>Alabama>michigan>Wisconsin3>New Hampshire> North Carolina> OHIO>New Jersey>Indiana>North Carolina2> Hogwarts(WI.)>Tennessee> London>Minnesota> Canada again>texas>london>Kansas>Texas>GEORGIA>California>Virginia> NYC>Italy>Washington state>Illinois>Texas>NewYork>Narnia>Illinois>Nebraska>Canada>WisconsinAGAIN>WisconsinAGAINLOL>NC again

Canada>>Oregon>>Sydney>>California>>Wisconsin>Canada>>Wisconsin>plain ole washington:)>> Canada>> Melbourne, Australia>>Canada>>New York>>Peru>>Peru>>Russia>>Alabama>>michigan>>Wisconsin>>New Hampshire>> North Carolina>>OHIO>New Jersey>>Indiana>>Virginia


Well this is the first time ten has said it nine said it in episode four--and the fourth doctor

"I'm looking for a blonde in a Union Jack. A specific one, mind you. I didn't just wake up this morning with a craving."

Art nouveau Rose Tyler design that I made. :) On Teefury today, too! ~ ksc I love these Alphonse Mucha stylesque pictures:) ♥♥

BAD WOLF.  Bez względu na to co niektórzy fani mówią o "odgrzewaniu wątków" ja tęskniłam za Rose Tyler i Złym Wilkiem.

"Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf Doctor?" "I was never afraid of Bad Wolf. Just of losing her.">>>>I love this drawing! And Doctor Who.and Bad Wolf.and Rose Tyler.

Piękne Gallifrey...

I always thought Gallifrey resembled Asgard, but I feel like Asgardians and Time Lords would dislike each other. <<<< they don't dislike each other, they're allies