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Floral Nails

I'm back from Italy☺️🌞 I did these inspired nails today, filmed the process and when I was going to edit it, half of the footage was gone😊😊😊😊😊😊 So no tutorial for these😐

i2.esmas.com galerias fotos 2016 06 29 sum_726a46e8_04c0_5506_ba7c_c647b73fb08d.jpg

Ever since I participated in the Essie Olympics I've wanted to re-do my flamingo nails, and I've finally done it ! They look so pretty Base colour: Mint candy apple by essie Chile ❤️; everything else was hand painted with acrylic paint - gnarlyhair

Imagen de Lara

Floral nails for today, for the cold winter and the end of the semester! ⛄️ I used "lilacism" by and acrylic paint for the details ☺️