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DFsLMKDU0AA6CyN.jpg (812×1135) >>> WOWwowowowowowowowowowowowowowoowowowowoowwoowoowwowowoowowow[...]

Sans, Mettaton and Undyne-Undertale Everytime I see them all on one picture I have "Kill the lights, kill the actor, kill the actress" in my head x)

I think its ridiculously unfair that Ash's rockruff just gets to evolve to a dusk form while I'm here stuck trying to get it as an event that doesn't last forever.

You cannot have too many Sans, right?

THEY FORGOT SO MUCH SANSES (I forgive the artist tho, it's impossible to draw them all lol)<<<< ooooooor. Maybe they just don't know every single one, and didn't forget.