Jagoda Żelazko

Jagoda Żelazko

Jagoda Żelazko
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Wow, wow, wow...  I *NEED* this coat.

Coat by Gelareh Designs / long black coat with leather details / medieval / fantasy / LARP / dark future / assassin / urban dystopia /sci fi / post apocalyptic inspiration / women's fashion

World of Warcraft Alliance Premium Hoodie

want match for bf

Homemade no-bake breakfast no-powder protein bars

Oatmeal and nut butter based bars like these are an ideal, default breakfast for when you don’t have time to cook or need a quick pick me up with your coffee. Pre-make these in advance and you’ll have your breakfast ready for at least a couple o

Easy Rice

Ingredients 1 : 2 ratio 1 / 2 cup ( ) of rice 1 cup ( ) of water 1 stock cube 1 oz ( ) frozen peas (optional) Instructions Step Boil the water and disolve the stock cube in it. Add the rice and the peas into a pan.