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7 Country Roads In Tennessee That Are Pure Bliss In The Fall

These are probably the greatest country roads if you're looking to enjoy a lovely drive out and about in Tennessee this autumn.

Want to live in New England

Autumn Splendor / there's nothing like a walk on a country road in the crisp fall air. / a few of my favorite things.

red trees pictures - Google Search

So I was thinking one day, I like the color red. And I like trees. So here I have a picture of red trees.reminds me of autumn

Curvy Fall Road - Woodstock, Vermont.

This is why fall is my favorite season.reminds me of Hunterdon. It will always hold a piece of my heart! Autumn Road, Woodstock, Vermont photo via woody

If you have fall seasons where you live remember when planting trees that the right colors placed together can create magical colors in your landscape. Nature put these colors together and they are perfect.

16 Beautiful Photos of Incredible Fall

Hello ladies is everyone ready this fall fire in the woods? Look at these beautiful colors. This season inspiries me.