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ComicsOdissey — Spider-Women Alpha #1

ComicsOdissey — Spider-Women Alpha #1

Infinity War Loki by on @DeviantArt I'm sorry, I shouldn't find this as funny as I do... but I can't not laugh at this!!

teckmonky: “ for (even when loki’s under control he’s sassy) also dik dik thanos exists!

Grant Gustin, The Flash

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #226:Deadlines are important. But rushing to complete things at the deadline isn’t optimal. Give yourself plenty of time to finish things. Last minute mission reports never look good.

Recruit Survival Tip it’s hot. The engineers are working on the air conditioning problem, but in the meantime, asking Loki to be your & Jotun icecube& will not work out well. [Submitted by jalapeno-pepper-poppers]

Thorki 1/4

kissing kiss comic Thor yaoi loki incest gay kiss thorki thunderfrost long post power play incest tw It pleases me brotherxbrother I like when they bicker JUST KILL ME FOR THE DIALOGUE

Don’t ship it but awwwww

“(CONTAIN SPOILER STUFF) Thor Ragnarok is the BEST Thor movies by far, but i was pissed because of “that scene”. So i’m ”fixing” it my own way, your welcome guys!

bubble and butterfly birthday party - gold tinsel bubble wands

Try Best Guy Steve Rogers." I hate it when people dislike Captain America/Steve Rogers because he's too boring or old-fashioned. He seems to be the Avenger with the most modern view of women and he respects them.

Ragnarok - page 4/? - Strange by on @DeviantArt

Ragnarok - page - Strange