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an angel painting on a wooden block next to some rocks and stones with the words, every angels story written below it
Anioły ręcznie malowane na drewnie to wyjątkowy prezent, odpowiedni na każdą okazję
a painting of a woman holding an umbrella in her hand and wearing a long dress
Школа Креатива | Курсы рисования, обучение рисованию с нуля в Москве, мастер класс по рисованию
an image of the virgin mary with long white hair on it's side, painted in acrylic paint
W drodze
an image of a statue with flowers on it
Rozmowa - Wioletta Niewiarowska | TouchofArt
an art piece with a painting of a woman in blue and white on it's side
Orzechowy Smak
a tall vase with a painting of a woman's face and long white hair
Anioł Księżycowy