О, этот точный кран.

Everything is ok with the sink, trust me, I'm an engineer. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

Приватные туалетные кабинки.

Seems the bathroom designer forgot the point of having doors on the stalls.

Умный унитаз Regio Smart Toilet

regio smart toilet inax 2 Regio Smart Toilet by INAX plays your favorite music and cleans after you

Достаточно удобное приспособление.

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Наверное, в продаже имеются и раскладные модели.

Oh no. padded chair over hole with plastic pan toilet rednecks style,

Место не-уединения.

Avoid the embarrassment of walking in on an occupied toilet stall.This looks like the floors they put in rooms where there are children in day cares etc to prevent abuse.