Evolution of the Polish Eagle's design from 12th century to the year 1927, drawing published in “Światowid” magazine, 1935 [source].

Evolution of the Polish Eagle's design from century to the year drawing published in “Światowid” magazine, 1935 [source].

Poland was the only country to fight in the European theatre of war from the first to the last day of the greatest armed conflict in the history of mankind. The war began with invading Poland: first, on September 1, 1939, by the Nazi Germany, soon after, on September 17, by the Soviet Union.  At the end of WWII Poland was left to the Russians.  After so many years of war the UK and US did stop the communist from taking over Poland

The invasion of Poland by the military forces of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and a small German-allied Slovak contingent marked the beginning of World War II in Europe. British propaganda poster designed by Marek Żuławski, London 1939

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T-shirt designs created for polish clothing company Surrge Polonia. All designs are inspired by national polish symbols and the most glorious moments in polish history.

Polish Eagle With Flash Design Ripping Through Skin

If I meet a guy with this tattoo, I'm marrying him on the spot.