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Abandoned House by artificialdesign

The Art Of Animation, Daniel Tyka

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Which model of production, according to size, set up, and funding of the organization, does the company (Toni-Animation) fall under?

jati putra bends reality through digitally distorted landscapes

when looking at indonesian graphic designer jati putra& digital images, there is something both strangely familiar and wildly unnatural at work.

Designer Jati Putra’s Digital Photo Manipulations Warp Space and Time

The imagination can be a powerful and compelling force. Indonesian based graphic designer Jati Putra uses digital photo manipulation techniques to turn his creative vision into two dimension realities. The results are dramatic and utterly striking!

Osprey... landing gear down... I'm guessing this one's going to be a Touch & Go...

Perigrine falcon, landing gear down. I'm guessing this one's going to be a Touch & Go.

Juvenile Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon Frequents Morro Rock and the Morro Bay area.

Peregrine Falcon

"Samurai first class" : Faucon noir, emblème de Clan -- Black falcon, Clan figure.

Loud Bear, Calendrical History was recorded by pictographic images painted on buffalo hides which recorded the prominent occurrence of the year. In 1855 the name "they-tore-off-the-Crow's-headdress-wi

Loud Bear Spirit Mask by Cindy Jo Popejoy - - Black Arrow Jewelry & Art

Kim Nguyen

Anthro "Humanized" Animals by Kim Nguyen

Nikolas by on @DeviantArt

Nikolas by Zarnala on deviantART