Napoleon Bonapartes death mask

This is the death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. (It is NOT the death mask of Mary Queen of Scots, as so many pins state.

A First Class Royal Mail Stamp featuring Winston Churchill. Part of the 'Influential Prime Ministers' Series. Released 2014. (This is the best of the lot I think)

5 tributes to Abraham Lincoln from literary greats

Polish marshal Jozef Pilsudski - winner of the war with Soviet Russia in 1920

First Marshal by olgasha on DeviantArt.Józef Piłsudski Polish statesman—Chief of State 'First Marshal' (from and authoritarian leader of the Second Polish Republic.



Józef Klemens Piłsudski was a Polish statesman; Chief of State (1918–22), "First Marshal of Poland" (from 1920), and de facto dictator (1926–35) of the Second Polish Republic, Minister of Military Affairs. From mid-World War I he had a major influence in Poland's politics, and was an important figure on the European political scene. He was the person most responsible for the creation of the 2nd Rep.of Poland in 1918, 123 years after it had been taken over by Russia, Austria and Prussia.

Jewish football in inter-war Warsaw: Gwiazda-Sztern Warsaw