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Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Jaarson

TRAIT STORE | concept store | Miriam Barrio interiorismo

Corbusier doppelhaus Weissenhof Siedlung 1927

Nix in NYC: Vegetarian Cool with a California 70s Vibe

Nix Restaurant in New York | Remodelista

2/3/4/ Architecture » 66 logements zac des docks à Saint-Ouenlivraison

bureaucollective. P&P: interesting concept for a zine; it has to be ripped open at the side before the reader can peruse the contents. Would they keep the secrets inside, or would they tear it open?

Business card design | Fakepaper #tbbapproved

A Minimalist Classic Reborn: The OD-11 Cloud Speaker

A 40 Year Old Minimalist Classic Reborn: The OD 11 Cloud Speaker in technology main Category