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720x1280 Wallpaper raven, bird, flying, smoke, black white

Raven tattoo this reminds me of your guy character (his tattoo) in BID. Sorry I can't remember his name, it's been a long time since I read it. I'll have to refresh my brain when it starts back up :)

Photographer Alexandra Bochkareva loves working with redheaded models. However, series Autumn and Winter had double the pleasure because there were two red-haired beauties in front of her manual Helios 77m-4 lens - Polina or Olga and a trained fox named Alice.

BY Alexandra Bochkareva.Marvelous Dreamlike Portraits of Redheads with Red Foxes.Alexandra Bochkareva is a talented self-taught portrait and fine-art photographer, who’s focuses on sensual portraits of redhead and freckled people

Хранитель северных лесов.

A "Foxy" Feline"! ● Here is one majestic Norwegian forest cat, perched on a tree stump and seemingly playing the role of a guardian of his patch of woods.

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hannaoliviaway: “ jrdnnwlkr: “ My sweet sweet baby Roo.