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a decorative pillow with buttons on it and a christmas tree embroidered on the front, along with pom - poms
Gombbal díszített karácsonyi díszpárnák
a person's feet covered in colorful crocheted socks
Sewing Classes and Dressmaking Workshops
Celia Pym Darning and Mending Workshop - Classes
an old pair of gloves sitting on top of a wooden floor
Repaired gloves | Darning | Mending | Detail | Hands | HEIMTALI school museum Estonia / Knitting wool / Pair
an old sweater with patchwork and buttons on it
Ошибка 429
an old pair of jeans with torn fabric on it
LittlePrairieSparrow - Etsy
Stitches, stitching, embroidery, boro, patching, jean patches, colorful stitching, distressed denim, gypsy style