All that glitters...

Does it creep anyone else out that we accentuate the hair on our eye lids and feel pretty? Then, if you add shiny goop on your eyes, the pretty feels?

Surf and Sand Collection---Bobbi Brown Cosmetics #SurfandSand

Bobbi Brown Sand Eye Palette, Surf Sand Collection (Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Palettes and Sets matte-alic


How to balance matte & metallic shadows! Combine matte & metallic makeup together in the right places for a very gorgeous eye.


How to make straight hair curly. Wrap Around Braids / Be right back, running to go try this hairstyle out right now! this hair G.

Goldeneye. Get it?

Golden Eyes Step Next use a gold eye pencil to rim your inner lash line (not below your lashes).

What It's Like to Be a Top Manicurist At New York Fashion Week

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6 makeup tips from a celebrity makeup artist for girls who wear glasses #beauty #glasses

6 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses. Glasses were once a source of schoolyard teasing and taunting. Today, the tables have turned, and now fabulous via

Whoa, that subtle nude eye makeup

Photography: Manolo Campion Styled by: Dianna Lunt Hair: Nicolas Eldin Makeup: Aya Komatsu Jewelry: Ana Khouri, Annelise Michelson, and Dior Model: Miriam Haney