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Tutorial for making beautiful art on wood or furniture... using WOOD STAIN! {Sawdust and Embryos}
Art Resin - LOVE this amazing floor treatment using pennies and crystal clear #epoxyresin!  Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more #resinproject ideas and inspiration for #workingwithresin.  Head over to https://www.artresin.com to check out our clear, non-toxic, beautiful, superglossy #ArtResin.
LOVE THIS! 2 X 4 end pieces!!! The Instalation took about two days. We used a heavy bed of Bostic Best adhesive, 25 feet per gallon to act as moisture barrier and glue. Installed on 3/4 plywood on top of a crawl space. Pieces were 3/4 inch thick. My sons and I sanded, trowel filled with Glitsa wood flour fill, then poly sealed and gave two coats of Bona natural finish.
White Top & Ripped Skinny Jeans & Beige Leather Shoulder Bag
8 Essential Clothing Pieces You Should Get for Every Year of College | http://www.hercampus.com/style/8-essential-clothing-pieces-you-should-get-every-year-college | Going-Out Heels
The high heel is a risqué and provocative collection of high heel specialty dress shoes. The high heel shoes is associated with sexiness, sensual and seductive looks. So don't waste your time and just scroll down to see my favorite collection of amazing shoes.
gift wrap ideas . . . compiled from several web sites
Beautiful Paper Rose | DIY & Crafts Tutorials
Heels by @lolashoetiquedolls