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Looking for a printable coloring map of the seven continents? We have custom designed just such a map just for you. Free Printable 7 Continents Coloring Map When traveling the …

Europe Printable Blank Map Royalty Free, jpg (as well as other continents) for coloring pages

Europe Printable Blank Map (Royalty Free, jpg) for coloring pages from Free USA and World Maps websites (other countries and versions as well)

Great visual for teaching clouds (weather). Make the clouds ahead of time and have the class label them after you learn about them!

"Babbling Abby" did a whole grade level weather unit where each teacher taught one component of weather. She taught about clouds by creating cloud people for each cloud type =)

Color the Continents: Africa Worksheet

Color the Continents: Africa

These places coloring pages and worksheets fit for any kindergartener will take your kid on a coloring adventure.

Color the Continents: Asia Worksheet

Color the Continents: Asia

So many resources on this site! I loved the Richard Scarry poem pocket chart and moving books that the children can make to go with it!////Transportation | Kindergarten Nana

Transportation unit: Used this activities over the course of 2 days. 1 day the students sorted and colored and the day had them find how they are alike/different. Worked great for my sped kids!

Color the Continents: North America Worksheet

Color the Continents: North America

Color the Continents: Australia Worksheet

Color the Continents: Australia

Worksheets: Color the Continents: South America

Color the Continents: South America

Hispanic Heritage Month Kindergarten Places Worksheets: Color the Continents: South America