Sandwich with a ricotta cheese, honey, rosemary and figs

You will need: bread, sliced ricotta cheese figs honey rosemary (fresh) Spread the cheese over the bread, pour over some honey, sprinkle with rosemary and finally place the pieces of figs on a top. Characteristic taste of t…

3 You sift and search out my path and my lying down, and You are acquainted with…

Mekice with roasted radish I love simple and effective recipes. I like when it’s easy to make, doesn’t contain too many ingredients, is delicious and looks good (my eyes like to eat as.

How Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia Makes America's Best Pizza

See How Philadelphia's Pizzeria Beddia Makes the Best Pizza in America

Philadelphia’s Pizzeria Beddia is a seatless joint with two employees and no phone. It also happens to serve the best pizza in America. (Yep, we said it.) Andrew Knowlton delves deep into the obsessive mind and magical dough of owner Joe Beddia.

french toasts with caramelised pears & walnuts, camembert and arugula

french toasts with caramelised pears & walnuts, camembert and arugula - Lovely Joséphine

Lemon and rosemary loaf

Lemon and rosemary loaf i made for breakfast this brisk winter morning.

Breakfast on a beach / Marta Greber

Waffles with fried eggs and caramelised chanterelles plus fruit porridge for a perfect breakfast on a beach I went to Poland to get rid of my kid.