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there are many pictures on the wall with vines growing up it and some books in front of them
🐚 @conanthewhore
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a close up of a woman wearing a tiara with jewels and crystals on her head
Chelseas Flowercrowns
I call this one the crystal graveyard💀 You really really dont want to go head butt anyone wearing this YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. These crystals are sharp af but oh so f*cking fabulous. I actually dont want to sell this, i want to keep it forever But unfortunately my broke ass needs money to support my ridiculous obsessions with crystals, grey goose and dog clothes. Annyyywayy any takers? #crystals #skulls #auracrystals #crystalcrown #aura #quartz #graveyard #asap #givememoney
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a room filled with lots of posters and pictures on the wall next to a chair
a white desk topped with lots of shelves filled with boxes and containers next to a window
Jak urządzić pokój rodzeństwa? Jakie wybrać biurko do pokoju dziecka?
Biurko w pokoju dziecka - jak urządzić pokój dziecka / rodzeństwa?
DC skater Shoes by Bobsmade on DeviantArt Sneaker Head, Hype Shoes
color splash sneaker by Bobsmade on DeviantArt
DC skater Shoes by Bobsmade on DeviantArt
a room filled with lots of colorful art and pictures on the wall next to a chair
✰ #teen #aesthetic #room #decor #teenaestheticroomdecor
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four jars with plants in them are sitting on a table next to each other,
shabby chic living room for sale