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Cochlea. The cochlea is a spiral-shaped tunnel in the bony labyrinth of the inner ear. Its principal component is a strip of sensory tissue (red) called the organ of Corti.

Sound Spiral: The cochlea funnels sound along the organ of corti (red), a strip of sensitive, hair-like cells which vibrate and send information to the brain, allowing people to hear.

Sensitivity and Specificity of Combined Physiological Tests in New Born Hearing Screening

Introduction: Newborn hearing screening has enabled the professionals to successfully detect a hearing loss at earliest. Successful hearing screening protocol involves a .

New teleaudiology program improves follow-up for newborns who do not pass hearing screening

Teleaudiology Program For Newborns - UC Davis Medical Center

5 Short & Easy Day Trips and things to do in Perth, Western Australia.

Getaway from the city and try out one of these short day trips from Perth including Rottnest Island, Swan Valley, Busselton and Rockingham.