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Vintage picnic tins collection, mostly Tartan Scotch plaid. Vintage Tins, Vintage Kitchen, Vintage Decor, Vintage Antiques, Retro Vintage, 1950s Decor, Vintage Storage, Vintage Classics, Vintage Crafts

Plaid picnic tins

One of my passions --vintage picnic tins and plaid metal lunch boxes are fun to hunt for, great to look at and perfect for storage.

Shabby Chic Decor, creative note ref 2532197713 - Check out these decor examples. shabby chic decorating vintage unique tips shared on this day 20190128 ,

Pearls pearls and more pearls

This Clock was another gift to Mom from Hobby Lobby _ Ash Tree Cottage

After Mom

The last few days have been extremely difficult ones. Such a wide range of emotions ~ deep sadness, a bottomless sense of loss, fatigue and heartache. I have roamed around the house with no sense of purpose. I kept thinking what could I do to find something to occupy the empty moments? And I found the answer ~ decorate my Mom's bedroom. Mom lived with decorating indecision. She wanted to decorate her room, but she could never decide on what exactly she wanted. She was always a very formal…

 The front one is a charcoal filled iron. You had to be very careful that the embers do not land on your clothes. I have one like the most upper one, but no, I have never used it.

My Sewing Room by Benita Skinner from Victoriana Quilt Designs

My Sewing Room by Benita Skinner from Victoriana Quilt Designs includes tips and ideas.

Off The Wall Architectural Antiques, Carmel I've always loved old door knobs!


We are taking an afternoon walk along Lincoln St and spot a cute shop in an old house. The distinctive pink door is open and the sign reads “Off The Wall Architectural Antiques”. We lov…

Vintage Tool Box Ideas - Rustic Crafts & Chic Decor Turn an old toolbox into decorative rustic decor and storage with these unique vintage tool box ideas. Upcycle into shelves, tables, and more.

The most wonderful time of the year... :)

I came home after 10 days in AZ with Rio to all my Thanksgiving stuff still staring me in the face:( Ugh. To be honest, after putting it all away, I had zero desire to go back out the garage and pull out the Christmas bins! I was seriously having to talk myself into it! Then I put on some Christmas music, got all hopped up on coffee and suddenly all was right in the world!! Since this house is so small, it's really easy for it to feel cluttered. I tried to keep the decorations to a minimum…

Exquisite Antique Louis XV Mirrored Armoire with gorgeous Scallop Shell Crest, ornately hand carved. Decor, House Design, French Country Decorating, Country Decor, French Furniture, Home Decor, House Interior, French Armoire, Mirrored Armoire

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A blog to talk about all my house, decorating and lifestyle desires,accomplishments and pursuits! We are building our dream home and wanted a place to share the experience......

French country house - ingenious French country house from . - French country house – ingenious French country house from – -

A Simple Vintage Style Bathroom

I have a husband, six sons, a son-in-law, and three grandsons, so it makes sense that our main bath leans in a masculine direction. Maybe that's why I also love to collect vintage man gear that seems always relegated to dens and offices. And to men. But I know tons of women who are attracted to the Ralph Lauren style, canvas, and old leather. As it turns out, a bathroom can be incredibly hard to photograph. There are the mirrors to work around, and all that practical stuff needs to be stowed…

Collecting & Displaying Collections Of Vintage Clocks Great old clocks . Collecting & Displaying Collections Of Vintage Clocks Great old clocks are fun collectibles and can be found a

Dishfunctional Designs

Creative ideas in crafts and upcycled, innovative, repurposed art and home decor.

if i had an old screen door! Recycle a vintage old silverplated serving piece into a create screen door or cabinet door handle. For ideas and goods shop at Estate ReSale ReDesign, LLC in Bonita Springs, FL