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a painting of a white rose on a dark background with light coming through the petals
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a piece of cake is sitting on a table with a sign in front of it
a christmas card with an image of a house in the snow and words written on it
a poem written in russian with pink roses
two glasses of wine with red flowers and hearts on the label for valentine's day
a bunch of red roses sitting on top of a red satin covered table cloth with the words
a cupcake with white frosting and a lit candle on top is surrounded by sprinkles
a pink background with white flowers on it
Życzenia są czymś bardzo ważnym - szczególnie w dniu urodzin. Tak więc - Darmowe Kartki
a wooden ladder with flowers on it and the words in different languages written above it
a poem written in russian with flowers on the bottom and words below that read, 100 lat
Ekartka Z okazji Urodzin najlepsze życzenia dla Ciebie!