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blue lines...make me feel good

pink and red stripes watercolor

background, beauty, blue, cloud, cute, daisy, donuts, floral, girl, glitter, iphone, love, nice, pastel, pineapple, pink, pretty, simple, stars, sweet, tumblr, unicorns, wallpapers, white

Unusual drawing of a deer.

IDEA - little splashes or splodges of paint with little hand drawn lines as a polka dot/ditsy print - could be taken from the inside pollen of the passionfruit flower

kaylanewell: “ august am, thunder watercolor and goauche on paper x 4 2013 (cut it in half, one 4 u and one 4 me) ”

TBD: Objective- Using simple shapes, students will create a complaining that encloses color theory and transparencies or effects. This is an intro to the programs, students are encouraged to learn to navigate the tools, effects and techniques.

pastel pattern wallpaper for Apple iPhone

Pastel pink to icy blue ombre background with tumblr arrows!

We all love a good printable to mix things up at home - here I have found 5 awesome printables ready for you to print and frame.

pink tumblr overlays - Google Search

Here you can see the Cute Unicorn Clipart Tumbler collection. You can use these Cute Unicorn Clipart Tumbler for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.

5 Steps To Overcoming Procrastination!!! (plus a new artist discovery!)

Watercolor Abstract Artist- Jennifer Flannigan Need some large watercolor prints in the house

overlays tumblr black background collage - Buscar con Google

Tumbler back round


"Don't be afraid to be different,we all are"