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Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali Indonesia #garuda #wisnu #kencana #GWK #bali #indonesia
an outdoor fountain surrounded by stone structures and mountains in the background with foggy sky
an old wooden house in the middle of some trees and bushes with mountains in the background is Expired or Suspended.
an image of a group of buildings that are in the middle of some grass and trees
Photographing Indonesia's Amazing Range of Experiences
Cambodia, Vietnam, Beautiful, Asia, Resim
Mount Bromo - Java, Indonesia
a long dock leading to a building with lights on it's sides and water reflecting off the ground
Conrad Hotel Bali - Wedding Chappel I
Kids, Traditional, Balinese, Fotos, Adorable
Bali Childrens by Bram Tambunan / 500px
the statue is surrounded by birds and flowers
a man dressed in an elaborate costume and headdress poses for the camera with his hands on his hips
King Sri Jaya Pangus
the statue is in front of some trees
a statue of a god with four arms and two legs, surrounded by flowers in the foreground
Details in Bali: flowers, ornaments, temples and more
an elaborately decorated bull statue in front of a crowd
The bull
an ornate white building with potted plants in front
Wisata di Istana Kraton Yogyakarta