I was really hyped to play when I got my Sims game, but my Sim wouldn't stop peeing. It was impossible for her to do anything without any accidents.

I would judge, but that would suggest that there's a way to play "The Sims" that isn't sociopathic. View "Anon Discovers The Horrible Secret To Wealthier Sims" and more funny posts on Dorkly


Don't you just love it when you make an ugly character for shits'n'giggles then leave the game for a few months or years only to come back and literally just lose it and think, "what the fuck?

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"I'm so ugly it's like God was playing the Sims and he clicked the randomize button.


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Sims gone wrong. This is cracking me up way too much

Welcome to Sims Gone Wrong! Home of the most outrageous situations and glitches your sims have ever encountered.