Izabela Zielska
Izabela Zielska
Izabela Zielska

Izabela Zielska

Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Izabela

EASY Camping Recipes-- because one of these days I won't be pregnant or have a newborn and I'll be all out of excuses to not go camping.

Dutch Oven Camp Cooking

Dutch Oven Cooking...getting ready for the Lewis cook-off. I'll show those Scouts. (I hope)

Junk You’d Normally Throw Away Transformed Into Genius Ideas

I can't even remember when I started a search for a rusted rake, but I have yet to find one. When I do, this idea will make its home in my kitchen.

Pineapple flummery from 1790s Wedgewood mould

18th century Elaborate English Salad. These salads were inspired by royal salads served in Spain and Italy. Many of the ideas came from travelers returning from their Grand Tours.

Dinner fit for a Georgian: Dishes on the dining table at Wordsworth House © Nick Trustram Eve

Beef, ale & parsnip pudding