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Jungkook the muscle pig

He kept that promise And I'm still dying rn fml I'm only a year younger and I still haven't got that glo up ; Well he never needed one bc he was always perfect ohohohohoh


I remember one time when i was working at a store and an old lady asked me for something and i showed her an item then asked if that was it, and she told me she was blind(´・_・`)

My mixed emotions from Tae Jk and Jin

My mixed emotions from Tae Jk and Jin

bts yoongi

Everyone deserves a relationship with someone who accept each other, the same way how BTS accept each other

Oh Jimin

The most kind hearted and thankful person ever!

And no one is listening to their mother

Namjoon where are you? This boys lost their leader. Like kids which is lost in public place haha :)