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Ireneusz Matyjas
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A French carving, dating from the 1700s, designed to look like a human molar. At 10.5 centimeters in height it depicts inside its two halves, “The tooth worm as Hell’s demon” an explanation of the toothache as a battle occurring with the mythical tooth worm. The legend of the tooth worm apparently dates back to 1800 BC Mesopotamia and even has its own creation myth.

The Tooth Worm as Hell’s Demon A.D.) France - this ivory carving is contained within a molar separated into two halves of equal size that open out into two scenes depicting the infernal torments of toothache as a battle with the Tooth Worm.

Unbelievable Bedrooms For Kids – 32 Pics. Can I please have this in my house? For me?

how cute is this fairy garden bed for a little girl? i would have loved a bed like this growing up maybe i can do this for my daughter.FORGET for a little girl i want that now :D This is the best idea for a little girls room

Amish Made 8x10 ft. Wooden #Dream #Fort #Playground Set

The Amish Made ft. Dream Fort Playground Set is truly a dream come true for any little child. Imagine the memories that can be made playing in this Dream Fort. Each playground set is handcrafted by skilled Amish woodworkers. These playground sets