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Mieszko II (990-1034) became king under the will of his father, Boleslaus the Brave, who also arranged his marriage to Richeza (Ryksa) of Lorraine, the emperor Otto III's niece, in 1013. His brothers, the elder Bezprym and the younger Otto, opposed the father's decision and in their struggle against Mieszko sought support of a German-Rus coalition. Under Mieszko II's rule, Bohemia captured Moravia, Germany occupied Lusatia, Denmark entered Pomerania, and Rus recovered Grody Czerwienskie.

Mieszko II Lambert - King of Poland from 1025 until and then Duke of Poland from 1032 until He was forced to flee Poland in but returned in He married Richeza of Lotharingia and had three children. My GGF

Wladyslaw Herman - Jan Matejko

Reproduction with Oil painting effect of painting made by Matejko Jan - Wladyslaw Herman

Silverton Train, amazing ride through the most gorgeous scenery in the state. be sure to visit the towns on the road from Durango to Ouray, then drive over to Telluride. look out for wildlife, old mining buildings tucked into the hills & gorgeous vistas.

Silverton Train How I would love a ride on this. My Grandfather, Joseph Weddle worked on the rail roads in America in the early as there was no work in the shipyards of Jarrow.