Teacher's nightmare

spiritofally: “Back in middle school, my friends and I used a very simple coded language for writing secret messages. I saw some posts about needing to hide one’s beliefs from partners/bosses/parents.

Abandoned-France: Chateau de Bagnac in Saint-Bonnet-de-Bellac, Haute-Vienne, Limousin. Makes me want to cry, the way it has been allowed to decay!

Abandoned Building in the spa town of Băile Herculane, Romania. The town has a long history of human habitation. Numerous archaeological discoveries show that the area has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era. Photo taken with HDR photography.

The light shoots through the window like a spotlight. I think it ironic how natural light is lighting up a chandelier (a source of artificial light). You can see the light sliver which creates interesting texture.

Charming Cabin Built for $500 with Repurposed Windows

Cabin built with re-purposed windows in the mountains of West Virginia (with probably very little energy efficiency, but hey, it's pretty).

12 DIY Christmas Decorations with Nature: 11.Christmas Tree Napkins

Incredibly Spooky Abandoned Mansions - Built in Victorian Stone Manor Built In Sharon, Pennsylvania features 22 rooms and 8 fireplaces, covering over square feet.

Castle Ruins, Poland Overgrown jungle / forest setting - would be great for the party to come across this!

A comprehensive lunar guide describing each of the moon phases and how to best harness their energy

Gdy umrę wszystko w końcu się ułoży i będzie takie jak powinno.

Sherbrooke’s Fresco Murals Tour – first of its kind in Canada – is a unique attraction that transforms the downtown area in a magnificient open air museum. Discover Sherbrooke’s art, history and heritage from building to building.

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