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Pinned from Groomer TV. Placement and Lines demo.

Julie Pantages demos placement and lines on a poodle with Kendra Otto.

Grooming Guide - Cockerpoo - Pro Groomer

Grooming Guide - Cockapoo- Pro Groomer I like the style of this dogs face and head groomed look, and the groomers techniques too, she is to good.

Long Haired Dog Grooming Instructions : Foot Pad Dog Grooming Tips

Learn tips on how to groom your dog's foot pads in this free dog grooming instructions video. Expert: Elise McMahon Bio: Elise McMahon has a Ph.

Pet Grooming: The Good, The Bad, & The Furry: Grooming a Golden Retriever Short but not Shaved

The Golden Retriever. If you are a groomer you have had these lovable guys come in in different sizes and hair coats.