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Soft Hair by on @DeviantArt

Soft Hair by CrazySuperior on DeviantArt

stormcallart: “I hope you were expecting another naked Garrus drawing, because that’s what you’re gonna get.

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Wanted to finish at least one Garrus picture before we all go crazy with the next awesome Alien.

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Perhaps one of the companions could be far more mechanical than human and resemble this badass character some? I love the little human clothing that they wear even though they are more alien / bionic<<<this is a turian. from Mass Effect.

Best vegan burger!

Best vegan burger!

Shakshuka <3

Shakshuka <3

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thejessbeast: “An Awful Empty Galaxy without You - A Shakarian Mix For when you’re in love with the woman who’s saving the galaxy. “ // The Kills - Future Starts Slow // Delta Rae - Fire // Grace.

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Bit more Mass Effect fanart. Just wanted to draw some of my favorites starring Garrus, Legion, Grunt and Tali. Hoodie Effect