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INFJ - Being without purpose, being unable to fulfill their purpose. This is spot on for me as an INFJ

Dinosaurs and Myers Briggs. What more could one ask for? ~Created by Drew Harrison MBTI

I got my favorite dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus rex! Dinosaurs and Myers Briggs. ~Created by Drew Harrison MBTI

Infj... Haha... That explains a few things... Like why it's hard for me to avoid sarcasm

honestly ENTP should be at the type, im entp with a sprinkle of intp and im the most sarcastic person i know

ISTJ and ENTJ are both spot on. LOL | Myers-Briggs By How They'd Do In Prison

Intj / istj, if I'm not debating over things, I would most definitely stay out of trouble, it depends on who is in the prison I guess

Not good at attracting opposite sex XD oh yes I know this struggle well..

Hey -- did you catch that little detail in 'INTJ'? 'desregards rules/PROPER procedures' -- talk about begging the question! A guardian wrote this! Hehehehehe [left out of INTP negatives: nitpicks every little thing .

If you get stuck on step 3, refer to volume seven of Understanding and INFJ.

I think they meant women, cause that whole book can't be just for one woman, right, right?