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Our lives our like the process of a pearl....constantly being refined into something beautiful.                                                                                                                                                     More

I love how simple this necklaces and I love pearls the idea of having a full pearl necklace would be amazing but even something like this with just one pearl and a beautiful silver chain would be amazing

T-Shirt and Jeans - One of my favorite looks!  So Cute!

A classic and simple look can never go wrong. The high wasted jeans with the belt, simple piece of jewelry ALL complement each other to make the perfect simple outfit. (Fall Top With Jeans)

A bold attempt is half success. of them right now below,and then stop by to try them on and f...ind your perfect new pair of shades for the summer. 70% off summer sunglassés!

Rachel McAdams' red printed dress in The Notebook. My motivation for losing weight. I love her and I wanna make a dress like this and look cute in it.