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Pobreza Vs. Riqueza pic.twitter.com/eeN5A8AyL8 Quotes, Sayings, Motivation, Feelings, Humour, Favorite Quotes, Quotes Deep, Positivity, Nerd
Palmerainvisible on Twitter
Pobreza Vs. Riqueza pic.twitter.com/eeN5A8AyL8
a drawing of a girl getting her hair cut by another person with scissors and writing on the wall
Oof this really made me want to chop my hair off
a drawing of a woman holding a watering can with flowers on her head and the words,
Adobe Portfolio
take care of yourself
the letter k is made up of neon lights and letters that spell out it's name
two speech bubbles with the words what did you make today? written in black ink
watchclean: fuuuck
an old motel sign with people hanging from it
I love these old motel signs. A major part of the setting of my novel is an old roadside motel in California.
AprilandMay MINI: Indoor Jungle Girl Fashion, Kids Photoshoot, Photoshoot, Birthday Photoshoot, Fotografia, Kids Photos, Fotografie, Poses, Little Fashion
Indoor Jungle
AprilandMay MINI: Indoor Jungle
the words do it written in white on a black background with some type of lettering
if you don't do it, someone else will
a lake with mountains in the background and a quote about it's time to remember what it's like to feel alive
wild-nirvana: ॐ My Spiritual World☽
an old map with the words adventure is out here on it's black and white background