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Macrokiosk | Kuala Lumpur Offices | The Space is built upon the five elements that governs the business model of Macrokiosk – functional, engaging, collaborative, creative and innovative – where the essence of powering connectivity is interwoven into its design approach. Spearheaded by Macrokiosk’s internal workspace design team in collaboration with a local interior design and built company, The Space is a continuity of a branding exercise to streamline the workspace design concept.

“Man Cave With a View” …in the Tramuntana region of Majorca..!! ..designed by Alexandre de Betak, who “was dreaming about it for ten years, for five years he was looking for a spot for it, for two years working on it, for another two years building it, and finally here it is”…!!!

Media room

The “Roo” seat is from manufacturer, Woodnotes.

Cyclonix, Inc., Bay Area, CA. They've turned their website into a Pinterest site.

The Nines, Portland, OR Image by Kimberly Taylor

I worked to create a custom typographic mural using their different mantras, slogans, and funny office phrases. The team supplied me with their icons and illustration...

Community Post: 18 Colorful Pantone Projects

I love this!! Can't do it in my home, but I LOVE it!! Pantone staircase via BuzzFeed. What every graphic designer needs!

Ad Agency Renovation by funkt

IDEAS ROOM - voy a llenar mi mesa de bombillas!!! Ad Agency Renovation by funkt in interior design architecture Category

20 Simple and Stylish Home Office Designs [ ] #office #hardware #slidingdoor

20 Simple and Stylish Home Office Designs

20 Simple and Stylish Home Office Designs [ ] #office #hardware #slidingdoor