3 kroki od siebie

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two different scenes one is drinking water and the other is listening to headphones on
a drawing of two people facing each other and one has a heart drawn on it
two people are looking at each other with a quote on the bottom right corner that says, don't think about what you've lost
Five Feet Apart Book Quotes and Movie Trailer MUST WATCH MOVIE!
the words are written in different languages
"Trzy kroki od siebie"
an image of a text message on a white background that reads,'tikego tumbe not, patrizo mitt?????????????????????????????
Nadzieja umiera ostatnia, perspektywa umiera pierwsza xdd
"Trzy kroki od siebie"
the text is written in different languages
Rachael Lippincott
"Trzy kroki od siebie"
the back side of a computer screen with text on it
Nasze sekundy..._:(
"Trzy kroki od siebie"