More ideas from ewelina
okay..zipper bracelets...these are fun..and easy..zippers and charms...I can do this

DIY zipper bracelet After cutting the cloth away I used a lighter to trim up the edges close to the zippers and I myself ended up using a tiny drill bit to put the rings through to hold the lobster clasp. I added charms and Presto. this is pretty cool


Paper Art - Illustration paper cut works from Bomboland. Incredible details and color. Much more on their site. Their paper cut out illustrations were used for magazine headers and editorial design.

Quilling by Natasha Molotkova

handmade card with quilled sailboat against sun and water . by Natasha Molotkova on all things paper . blue, white and yellow . stunning mod look . like the solid colors behind quilled parts .

DIY Hemp & Pearl Bracelet

Hemp & Pearl Bracelet: Just use four or five strings of hemp, and tie a knot, then add on the beads to the loose ends and tie another knot. At each end tie the hemp strands to a clasp. Make sure to use enough hemp though.