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Ingrid Badowska
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As some of you may or may not know, I have a physical disability called CMT…

CMT is a disease that is more common than you'd think, yet no one knows about it.

Don't Judge My Handicap Parking Spot. I think as a whole we all need to agree that judging people based off of looks is not the way we should live. Just because I may not look ‘sick’ does not mean I’m not fighting an inner battle and just because someone else takes a handicapped spot that I want does not give me the right to judge them. I am no better then the person next to me and they are no better than me. We are all equal. And we all deserve to be treated as such.

When we see someone that looks like they are healthy getting out of a car with a handicap placard, let's not judge. They may have an "invisible" illness.

#CMT # Charcot Marie tooth disease  Awareness T-shirt  Order @

#CMT # Charcot Marie tooth disease Awareness T-shirt Order @

Life with CMT

From Angela Graham-life with CMT- Chacot-Marie-Tooth- degenerative genetic nerve disorder, the most common inherited peripheral neuropathy, that most have never heard of. try it free The truth is out there physical pain ideas Just in time because I was in need

Why does a Christian organization focus on invisible illness and talk about those with hidden disabilities? Read the story of how Invisible Illness Awareness Week came to be and why this is a passionate cause of Rest Ministries founder, Lisa Copen.