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Nippon-Graph — milkpeu: 松音寺の桜 (by pon-ko) Shouonji no sakura.

~ Pastel Japanese lantern among spring Sakura blossoms. ~ The dusk cast a soft lavender light over everything ~

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Ashikaga Flower Park: Ashikaga, Japan Ashikaga's wisteria trees bloom brilliantly for a few weeks every spring, turning the park into a vision of pastel pinks and purples. (I thought this would make an interesting background for something).

Onigiri, rice balls, faces, different expressions;

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Kawaii Japan Sticker Sheet Assort Droptale Series: Cat with Paws Stars Butterfly Clouds Rainbow Twinkle Stars by mautio

Over 10 Character Cafes in Japan (Tokyo) to visit - Little Miss Bento

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