Cataplana de Peixes Mistos à Algarvia

For an evening treat, I would tuck into a mixed fish seafood cataplana - a 'Cataplana de Peixes Mistos'. A famous Portuguese dish!

Frango no Churrasco - grillowany kurczak Więcej na:

BBQ chicken with piri piri sauce Photo by Yvonne Duivenvoorden. Excerpted from Chatelaine Modern Classics. Copyright (c) 2010 Rogers Publishing Ltd. with permission of John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd.

Portuguese Grilled Fish

A reflection of Portuguese cuisine, Mediterranean style. Learn how to cook a healthy Portuguese meal without losing the fun or the flavor of the food!

Vinho d’Alhos - Portuguese Food - Portuguese Food Recipes

Vinho d’Alhos is a delicious food from Portugal. Learn to cook Vinho d’Alhos and enjoy traditional food recipes from Portugal.