Infernal War
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ColdBloodArt #2 Dark - $55.

This is completely different in context to the other mask. It looks crushed and damaged as though the character is extremely bad and evil. As though he has been in an old collapsed derelict house. This relates well to my film idea.

El paso del #tiempo es inevitable, #tudecides que hacer con el - #time #temps

The statue with the clock had stood opposite Prince Lemercier's room for his entire life. He hadn't thought or cared as to whether it remained there since, but the clocks stayed with him in everyday of his death.

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Nattecross handmade  #Nattecross #Carpathian Forest #Nattefrost #inverted cross

Nattecross handmade #Nattecross #Carpathian Forest #Nattefrost #inverted cross

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Damn right! Every day!  (Mena  =)

Hmhmhmhmheh no no I jest, I love getting a good night's sleep. Black Metal inverted cross warlocks owls and shit